Removing glue from cartridges


That (maybe) .58 caliber cartridge I posted a photo of the other day and the twenty other cartridges I bought with it had all, at one time, been glued to a cartridge board. When the fellow I bought them from took them off the cartridge board, the glue and some of the cartridge board material stuck to the cartridges. MESSY and ugly. Acetone promptly removed the glue and material without removing any of the patina. They now look as good as old. :-)


I once had a cartridge with some very hard cream coloured glue on it. I soaked it overnight in paint thinner which softened the glue to the point where it peeled off. The only evidence it was ever there was a slightly less darkened patch of patina.

I also once removed brittle glue which chemicals wouldn’t touch from a .50BMG case by tapping the glue patch hard with a brass rod. The patina underneath was almost perfect.

I thought I would share in case anyone who has a similar problem searches.


Thanks Falcon.