Removing green'n'white crud off old ammo

As we know from previous discussions, the chemical deterioration (aka green’n’white crud) is caused by the minute amount of acid left in the gun powdre which, when metal cracks from age, combines with moisture (water) in the air and destroys metallic cartridge. I always suspected that this crud can be neutralized by base (as opposite to acid). But I never tried. Well, today I took some 2M NaOH with me from the lab and sank a horrible looking RA 18 .30-06 into it. In mere 5-10 min the solution bacame turbid and all the crud, both green and white, disappeared. The speed of it surpised me. I did not take pictures. When the rain stops, I am going to repeat the above cleaning with photos and timing, if the rain stops. I take photos outside and need daylight.

It will rain the whole week here. I decided to take pics indoors.
This is the initial look of the worst corroded round followed by post 5-10min of 2M NaOH soak. Also, this is the 3rd round soaked in the same solution so the strength is diminished.

This is how solution looked during the 3rd soak (3 rounds done consecutively)

This is the 1st round after being soaked. It had less severe corrosion than the 3rd.

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