Reno, Nevada cartridge show


Reno, Nevada is hosting an upcoming cartridge show
June 24-26, Ramada Inn Hotel on 6th St, Reno Nevada . The California Cartridge Collectors or whatever their new name is, Western States Cartridge Collectors, are the host club. It should be fun in this non California venue.

See you there.


I wish!


I don’t know what types of restrictions NV has, but it’s certainly less restrictive than CA!

Anyone who plans to attend the Reno show and you have lots of dupes in 9mmP, 38 Special and 357 Mag, please bring them, as I’ll be looking to fill my extensive “Needs” list.

(Also looking for Win 2nd Gen Silvertips, Platinum Tips and Dual Bond handgun rounds and Fed HST).


Would there be any possibly that this show could be moved to Las Vegas getting to Reno is a real pain, way to much time in the air and airports.


O no please not Las Vegas!!!
I love to camble ! but I love to buy cartridges more!!



Gyrojet–You can gamble just as much in Reno as you can in Las Vegas!!! Heck,you can even gamble while you sit on the toilet in the gas station.


Thanks, Ron. I will definitely not go to Reno now, you have spoiled Nevada for me!


Watch it guys! There are ladies reading this too.

I agree with Carolyn. Reno is one of the hardest places to get to by automobile than anywhere else in the USA that I know of. I live in a State that borders NV and it’s a 900 mile drive one way for me. Even our CA friends have to cross the Sierra and that’s a place that is infamous for people eating human popcicles. ;)



Its almost as hard to get to Reno from Arizona as it is to get to Prescott for those of us in Northern California. Not quite, but almost. : )

John Moss


I agree, if I don’t fly, I aint going to Reno.
But then again I have not been to St. Louis in about 4 or 5 years but I took a plane there every time I went.

I may have another idea, lets pick 12 states in the West, except Calif. of course (Western States Cartridge Collectors) and have one per month until all 12 states are offered and then do the loop again. It just MIGHT be hard to figure out what state gets what month.
I do have to admit Reno is kinda in the middle of the map in the Western States, so they are being fair after all.