Replica of rare7.92x145

I believe Im not the only one who think the 7.92x145 experimental bullet is very cool and unique,since the original ones are almost impossible to be obtained,I decide to make a replica,luckily I know two friends,one of them is very good at collecting all kinds of blue prints of bullets,and the other one has a unique way to make all kinds of wildcats through just some pipes and rods,even without using a single die. So we did it,and here is the result.



Really nice!
They made it with a berdan primer pocket also?

I think this is the one.


Courtesy, Woodin Lab.


good work…Do you also sell or swap them for other collectors?

Very nice indeed! I need to find someone who will make me one.

I made a 3d model years ago, and even had it 3d printed. the print was destroyed but with my new schooling ive been thinking of making one again myself aswell. especially now that i have access to CNC, Lathing machines and mills. Yours looks amazing, and an inspiration to make one myself again. Cheers

Hi OLD1973,not this one,this is the first one that we made,so for simplicity,its just a boxer primer,we can made a berdan one next time.

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Wow!Im so jealous :rofl:

Hi Forensic,I haven’t thought about that yet,maybe in the future.

Thanks buddy!

Yeah,I also saw that before,very awesome.

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Hi,I saw your topic before,and 3D print is also a good choice to make a replica,looking forward for your new master piece!

Inspired by your work, I also had my own Replica made, quite happy with the results!


I should have more friends able to use the lathe…
Very nice job! :clap:


Write a CNC program and do 100 EA, sell them at a decent price as a replica…


I have thought about doing this. if demand exists. I have a CNC machine available

In my humble opinion you can be sure that demand exists. Just provide an unobstrusive identification as replica against misuse, like Alex wrote.

Edit: My pedantic German soul cannot resist to point out that in Poland the antitank cartridge was designated “7,9 mm naboj wz. DS”, not 7,92 mm.


I quote Alex.
A couple for me, thanks

Jochem, knowing a tiny bit of your innermost attitude I want to remark that the cartridge here is Czechoslovak. :innocent:

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