Report from Moscow holiday (museum tour)


Thanks to the suggestions from the forum community my trip to Moscow was great!

I visited the museum of the “Great Patriotic War”, which is located in “Victory Park”. This museum is very large and has a number of great experimental German and Soviet wepons. However, it is not advisable to visit this museum on May 9th, the victory day over Nazi-Germany, since the park is then fully crowded with 100.000+ people who listen to concerts and enjoy similar festivities.

The victory parade on Red Square in downtown Moscow was not accessible for people, because of intense security measures and widescale barriers. Red Square was always closed for common people during the parade, but you could usually watch the troops marching into the square before and after the parade. But this year you could not even do that because officials would not let you even close into the area…
Things are again changing in Russia …

The small military aircraft display on Khodynka airport was a bit tricky to find, because this airport no longer exists, and most people I asked on the street didn


I just webcam-talked to my old high school friend in Moscow. He says that Kubinka is still technically an active army base and that one needs to arrange a visit way ahead and preferably with personal connections.