Reporter Documenting Ammo in AFG


CJ Chivers wrote The Gun, a REALLY good book about the history of the AK-47. He’s lays it out as it is. This dude is a former USMC infantry officer and now writes for NYT. He’s a cool dude and knows his guns and ammo. He’s documenting headstamps that he comes across during his travels in AFG. He posted a pic of a round today. Nothing special, but it’s neat that a reporter is covering this niche subject and showing how important it can be in covering and understanding the war in AFG.


I’m currently reading the book and it’s really good. I heard him a month or so ago and he impressed me. He was telling about how as he goes around he’s always looking at and asking about the markings on soldiers weapons. A man after my own heart!
Now, if I could only interest him in Tokarev pistols and ammo…