Research with metal detector


in a recent metal detector raid near Perugia, Italy, I find this $150 7,92x107Maroszek antitank german made. Unfortunately this was in a Wehermacht depot that retreating troops in 1944 blow up. The greater part of ammo i found in this site are in thats condition, but sometime some round is unexploded. It’s incredible the variety of calibers. Is a fascinating treasure hunting!


Any posibility of any more photos of other calibres you have found?


Others calibers founded
German 20x81 MG FF ; 13x64B; 12,7x81SR Breda; 7,92x94 AT; all exploded or as for 7,92x94AT with iron case very damaged by rust.
A number of not damaged 6.5x52, 8 Breda, 8 Mauser and some 8 Lebel Hinterberger made 1936. I’ll go for a new research in the next springtime.


Let me know if you find a 12.7x81SR that has not exploded. I might trade something for it.