Researcher/writer needs help American Armament Corp

I have completed a manuscript on American Armament Corp. but am still in need of info. Does anyone have any catalogs from this company that they are willing to copy for my use? Any info on the various 37-mm guns and ammo and on other products such as the 3-inch guns? (I suspect these were Driggs guns.) Also, what type of grenades were they selling? I’m willing to share my research info, should anyone find this subject interesting. BTW, while the focus is on the Mirandas and AAC, other private arms dealers of the '30s are also included, notably John Ball and Soley Arms, Grimard, and the “Iron Ring” of Daugs, etc. Any info on any of these will be most appreciated and appropriately credited.

There was an article on AAC/The Mirandas in IAA Journal issue 442 (Mar/Apr 2005) which used information from their catalogue and another extensive article (mostly pages from their catalogue) in the European Cartridge Research Association’s issue 442 (March 2002). There is a link to the ECRA site on the main panel of this IAA website.
Chris P., Editor, IAA Journal

Happy New Year, Chris!
Many thanks for your reply. Do you know where I might secure a copy of the articles? Will try the European website you referenced. Again, many thanks!