Response to the many requests for list of sale cartridges


I recently posted a statement as to my acquiring a large collection of cartridges. I received several requests for that list when completed. After much time to separate the shopping bags of mostly unidentified cartridges, do my best to ID them and then list them I forwarded the list to several individuals over this forum. I received at least 50 + requests for the list which promptly caused the thread to be closed. Needless to say I apologize deeply for the log jam that occurred from my misuse of the General Forum. Of the nearly 50 requests for the list of item I responded to nearly all by individual, direct email. In the last 20 days or so since, I have received only two replies with offers on just several items. I will not accept any more offers from the lists. I will be releasing the items slowly over a workable time frame over the GunBroker website. Again I apologize for any inappropriate use of this forum. WSMRTO