Restauration project japanese 70kg bomb, help needed

Can anyone provide a detailed description of this Japanese Navy aircraft bomb? In particular the correct color tones and locations of colored markings would be of great help. In addition the correct Japanese characters would be necessary and also their location. Has anyone a detailed description of this item? Or photos of such a bomb with the original paint job on? The “TM 9-1985-4 Japanese Explosive Ordnance” fom 1953 (image is from there) is unfortunately very crude in it’s description.

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Glenn, thanks a lot, can you recommend a specific sub-forum to post my question?

The Japanese Navy Aircraft Message Board would seem to the proper forum . I have seen bombs posted here before.

Another Japanese collector website from my links - … e6343a49c3


Glenn, thanks again. I posted it here:

The body of all known Jap Navy bombs is gray. The nose bands and tail strut colors Identifyed the type of bomb.


Also according to other information I have your bomb should have a green/ brown tip, gray body, gray tail. I looks to be a time delay bomb which weighs about 143 pounds, content weight about 50 pounds of type 98 explosive or picric acid. cast steel nose, welded and riveted to cylindrical body 0.25 inches thick. Length 40.75 inches. Normal Navy supension lugs. Nose cast steel with anti-riccochet cone. Tail 18 1/2 inches long