Restore steel artillery/tank case?


I have a few steel artillery/tank shell cases that need some restoration. They have corrosion (?) and small amounts of rust. I don’t want to go at them with a wire brush as I believe that will destroy the small amount of remaining inked markings.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Virtually anything you do could damage the markings. I would try a weak acid solution treatment to see if it helps. Naval Jelly might work, as it is basically a jelled form of phosphoric acid. Likewise citric acid or a weak solution of hydrochloric acid might help. You could try that on a small area of corrosion to see what happens. I like citric acid solution for this type of project. I can get it at the super market in granular form, as a product used in dishwashers called LemiShine (which is citric acid plus an anti-clumping agent) that removes mineral deposits from glassware and dishes. Works well for cleaning brass also. You can’t over-use it, as it removes corrosion without attacking the base metal.


Thanks for the info.
To my complete and utter amazement, my wife just returned from the store with a container of LemiShine. Now the question is, how do I use it?


Just make up a weak solution, maybe a couple of tablespoons in a quart of water. If it doesn’t work, she can dump the solution into the dishwasher, or you can use it to clean brass. How you would apply it, I’m not sure. Immersion would be best if you have a suitable container. If it doesn’t work, try Naval Jelly.