Restored Chinese 105mm apfsds

fired sabot,fired brass case,fired belt and a new projectile


Chaffee, that is an interesting item, thank you for sharing.

Are the paint markings all genuine or self applied?

Could you show us the headstamp?

Markings on the case are genuine,and markings on the sabot are restored as genuine ones.


LOVE this cartridge! I currently have 2 sets of DTW-2 sabots, with the penetrator coming soon. I won’t have the matching case or drive band but I do have a spare Canadian brass casing which will work well enough for me.

If you could (and don’t mind) I will be making a new drive band for mine. Could you measure the thickness of the band off yours?

Very nice round!!

Chaffee, thanks a lot for sharing the image!

Rhys, could you show the lot numbers on your sabot petals?

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My driving band has been squeezed by the barrel, so there may be some differences. The cross section is like a right trapezoid.the parallel sides are 6mm and 7.5mm.

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VERY NICE! I have a projectile without its bands, like, Rhys. Would love to find the correct case one day.

PS: Welcome to the IAA Forum, Chaffee :-)

Hey Alex, unfortunately my 2 sets are fired and recovered mid-matched sets unlike Chaffee’s. I think one set is 3/4 complete but is missing atleast the last digit.

I have a couple various Chinese sabot sets but all are pieces together. Can’t complain though as they are very cool!

Thank you Chaffee for the measurements as well, that will help!