Review of the U.S. Army Caseless Ammunition Program, 1968

For those interested in insights into caseless ammunition development:BRL SURVEY OF THE ARMY CASELESS AMMUNITION PROGRAM, JUNE 1968. A report by the U.S. Army Ballistic Research Laboratory (BRL) providing a review of the Army Small Arms Caseless Ammunition Program as it existed in 1967 / 1968.

Download from DTIC here:

Thanks for that, very interesting!

Great doc Brian, thanks a lot!

I would like to see this document. However, it will not open for me. After a wait, I get a pop up that says “File damaged and cannot be repaired.”

Any suggestions?


Email with attached document has been sent.


Brian – thank you for posting the link to this report.

I was interested to see the image of the below board in the report. It is very similar, yet has some obvious differences with a board I have in the collection.



Your board is certainly close enough!!!

Very nice and thank you for posting the two pictures together. I would bet this report is copied from an old microfiche file and that file was probably generated by someone who really didn’t care much about image quality. Which makes having your photo here for comparison an important piece of information.


Brian - Great documentation! Caseless are an interesting concept for a cartridge, (and most of them look very cool too!)

Paul - VERY Nice display board! And Brian is right… It is definitely close enough! I was trying to make out the original photo in the document, and I just couldn’t get a good view. Great photo!

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