Revolver cartridge cross-compatibility

I am looking at a new Taurus 692 revolver with the .38/.357 cylinder, and the 9mm cylinder which swaps out easily to shoot either caliber. I am having a very hard time finding anything online where anyone talks about actually trying other 9mm cylinder-compatible cartridges in the 692 9mm cylinder (which uses moon clips), and was trying to come up with all of the potentially compatible cartridges which could be clipped and loaded into a cylinder like that. I don’t actually know if Taurus made the cylinder so tight as to conform to the slight taper of a 9mm case, or if straight-wall .380 will be able to seat in fully or not. On the 9mm cylinder it may also allow cartridges which would otherwise be too long to fit in a dedicated 9mm cylinder, since the 9mm cylinder on this 692 is as long as a .357mag cylinder as it must cover the gap to the barrel. I’m thinking of the 9mm Browning Long, 38 Long Colt, etc… Since the barrel is .357 the diameter should be ok? I’m sure Taurus would scream “NO!” I usually refuse to presume anything with regard to cartridge use safety, but in lieu of any official word from Taurus, and because of the 9mm cylinder being basically the same size (and presumably tolerances) of the .357mag cylinder, I presume it can handle the higher pressures of things like 9x23 Win, or .38 Super. A lot of this depends on whether the 692 9mm cylinder is tightly conformed to a tapered 9x19 case or not. I’m hoping it is not.

Other than the 3 mentioned factory calibers, cartridges on my list to attempt are below. Please let me know of others which might be size-compatible with 9x19 or .357mag in a cylinder. I’m not looking for any official go or no-go here, just a theoretical exercise which I will eventually see about trying some things out. I am not bothering with obviously too-hot things such as 9mm winmag, or absurdly rare things that were experimental only.

In .38/.357 cylinder:
.38spl short (Magtech)
.38 AMU
.38 Long Colt
.38 Short Colt
9mm Browning Long (.3578 diameter too big?)

In 9mm cylinder:
.380 auto
.356 TSW
9x23 Steyr
9x23 Largo
9x23 Winchester
9mm Ultra
9x25 Export Mauser
9mm Glisenti
.38 Auto
.38 Super
9mm Japanese revolver (without clips)
9mm Federal rimmed (without clips)

According to this video: the 9mm cylinder is headspaced for cartridges at the mouth; the moon clips are only for easy extraction. Therefore, you would not be able to load anything longer than the standard 9mm NATO. How well it would work with .380 loaded in a moon clip is unknown.

Thanks, that is the first video I have seen which definitively explains that one way or the other. I guess they almost have to do it that way so the brass doesn’t expand and become stuck in the cylinder if only moon clips were used to headspace the cases. Knowing that, it basically knocks the 692 down to firing only what calibers a typical .357mag could, as well as 9mm, and maybe .380, 9x18 ultra, 9mm Federal rimed, and one or two others.

I’ve been on a mission to see if any revolver can chamber more variety of calibers than the S&W Governor, and so far it is a definite no.

I think the .38 S&W (aka Colt New Police) should chamber the 9 mm cylinder without clips.

The 9mm Luger is known with a non-factory flattened rim (to make it a larger diameter) and thus work in the .380 MK II Revolver.

Pete: This might work, but the standard pressure of the 9 m/m Luger is higher than a .380 proof load for the British mk. II revolver. Jack

Matt, look for the Phillips & Bailey 357/9 Ultra and Phillips & Rodgers Medusa revolvers; they were made to chamber and extract almost anything between a .357 Magnum and a .380 Auto. Also the Colt Survivor and the Reeder Skorpion.



Hi Jack
I’m sure your correct & I think the ones I’ve seen / have probably originated in the area of Pakistan where a lot of ‘homemade’ items come from. Which may explain it.

.38 Auto and .38 Super should both chamber in .357 cylinders as they are semi-rimmed.

Here is a copy of the Phillips & Rodgers Mod 47 Medusa pamphlet showing the “47 cartridges” it will fire…

The .38 S&W uses a nominal .361 inch diameter bullet with a typical neck diameter of ~ .3855 inch. The .38 Special is a nominal .357/8 inch diameter with a case neck of .379 inch. The following photos show attempting to chamber .38 S&W, .38 ACP, and .38 Super in various revolvers including Colt Python, Dan Wesson Model 15, Ruger GP-101, and Colt Officer’s Match. I would strongly recommend against attempting to force/fire these rounds in chambers not meant for them.

.38 S&W and Colt Python:

.38 Super and Colt Python:

.38 S&W and .38 ACP in Ruger GP-101:

.38 S&W, .38 ACP, and .38 Super in Colt Officer’s Match:

PS: I did try various .38 ACP & Super rounds in a very worn 1940s vintage S&W Military & Police .38 Special; some rounds dropped into the cylinder, but dropped in too deep for the firing pin to reach.

PPS: I do not own a revolver chambered in 9mm NATO to try the same fitments.

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