Revolver cartridge: What is it?

I would like to know what is it?
Looks like an old revolver cartridge but the rim looks too thick.

Total length: 1,1”
Case length: .59”
Bullet diameter: .45”
Base diameter: .478”
Rim diameter: .52”
Rim thickness: .1”


To my information is this round developed during the America civil war for the Lefaucheux revolver converted to center fire.

This round has different names.

12mm French (thick rim)
12mm Galand
12mm Perrin
.44 Perrin

A US civil war expert in the US can explain it better.


Thank you very much for the info.
According to “” it is also known as:
12 mm Galand / .44 Galand /.44 Perrin / 11 mm Galand-Devisme Revolver / 11mm Perrin / 11mm Devisme / 12 mm French CF / 12 mm French Rimmed / 12mm French Thick Rim (pestaña gruesa = thick rim) / 12x15.5 French / 12x16 R Perrin

I just remember I tryed this cartridge in a rare revolver fron a friend.
This revolver is a lefaucheux but it also can fire centerfire cartridges (note the deep rim recess):


This is a Russian ctg which made at the St. Petersburg Cartridge plant. Galand revolver was adopted by Russian Tzar Navy for the short period.

Costas, the example above has been found in Argentina and it is one of several variations easy to find in local collections, since the Galand revolver βας used in this country by army officers. This unheadstamped variation has exactly the same measurements as the one shown below made V. Francotte, May & Cie., so I believe that it was likely made by the same manufacturer.

In any case, do you have documentation about the manufacture of this cartridge at St. Petersburg?



Breech-loading Revolver for the Russian Navy, 1870: