Rexio .410 Buckshot Shotshells



I’m looking for information and pictures of Rexio brand .410 2 1/2’’ buckshot shotshells. They showed up in the US market c. 1999 and, although they bear the brand of the Argentine made single shot pistols and revolvers, as far as I know, they were offered in the US market only through the importer, VAM Distribution Company, Inc., Wooster, Ohio.

Any help would be appreciated.



410 Buckshot Ammo


The Gunbroker listing here for a Rexio .38 revolver says that these guns were imported in 1999 by RSA Enterprises, and sold by ABN Sports. I am not familliar with either of those entities, but they may have imported other Rexio products.


Matt, thanks for the help.


Hello Fede, I have a full, complete box of 5 original shells. All shells are dark red ribbed plastic with smooth high brass and brass colored primers. Only marking is “410” at the 6oclock position. Ink stamp imprinted onto casewall is “OO BUCK” in two lines. To me, the cases look to by as manufactured by Federal Cartridge Co., but again my guess only. Inner box label is ink stamped lot number “52004”. Printed graphics of my box are not exactly as what you shown, but very close. Bottom of box printed “Manufactured by Estate Cartridge, Inc., 12161 F.M. 830 Willis, Texas 77318”. I would be happy to ship a box to you if I knew how/where, or bring one to the St. Louis cartridge extravaganza(SLICS) if you attend. Sorry for not posting pictures, unsure how as I am very “computer illiterate” and too lazy to learn. Jim E…mr97


Jim, excellent information, thank you very much. I’ll send you a message regarding the box.