Rf (3)

Some European ones now :

From Left to right :

  1. 18 mm Swiss Milbank-Amsler
  2. 17.5 mm Danish Snider
  3. 14.3 mm Austrian Waenzl
  4. 11.7 mm Danish Riffle
  5. 12 mm Swedish Remington

(If I remember well !!!)

Nice group of rimfires. To a rimfire collecter this is “big bore” stuff!

I got my first big Danish from the head of the criminal division of the Copenhagen Police in the 1969. I moved to Denmark for a period and took some guns with me. They all had to be registered with the police. When I arrived I told the head inspector, who was very interested in the guns which I had brought, that I collected ammunition. He had never heard of this BUT did have one of the big tasty Danish rimfires in his desk and gave it to me. I traded this to John Scott some years later for a Mondragon which I didn’t own. Once you have seen that big Danish you never forget it. It is a classic !

jean-pierre: Your collection of rimfires makes me drool! I have been working on rimfires for years and I have not even seen some of these, PLEASE keep the photos flowing Vic

Thanks Vic !
It is nice to see somebody is interested by RF ctges.
I thought it was like for shotshells and was ready to stop.
I have a small collection but will try to show you some interesting ctges

Some nice items in that “small collection”.

Lol Doc John !!
I have really a small collection because I keep only one specimen of each case type. I call that “reference” collection.
I used to have a very good collection of Experimental ctges, but not anymore. I ve been selling the different variations for ten years and now they are the last ones.
Now my focus are shotshells, I started two years ago and people seing my collection say it is pretty good.
I do not have thousands of different hstps or beautifull pictures but I am more interested by the calibers and patents.
I will put some pictures soon.

Anyway , except Doc who made me compliment, and two other people collecting them, this domain again seems to interest not many people!


Well, I don’t collect rimfires specifically but I do have a few and read all of your posts with interest. You are bringing some nice images and information to this forum. I have two of the larger rimfires

The one on the left is copper cased, , OAL 40.85mm, case length 29.5mm, rim diam 16.4mm, head diam 14.2mm, neck diam 13.65, mouth 13.2mm, bullet diam 12.7mm and rim thickness 1.65mm. There are three faint crimps around the case and the headstamp is CDL.

The one on the right is copper cased, , OAL 40.9mm, case length 29.75mm, rim diam 16.3mm, head diam 14.3mm, neck diam 13.45, mouth 13.0mm, bullet diam 12.7mm and rim thickness 1.7mm. The headstamp is U.

Comparing the measurements these two are very similar, any idea of what I have?


they look like Spencer ctges

I agree with Jean-pierre, they look like 56/50 Spencers. The “CDL” headstamps stand for C.D. Leet. Leet made rimfires here in the US in the early to mid 1860’s. The “U” is Union Metallic Cartridge Co. another early USA manufacturer (they bought out CD Leet in 1866 and eventually merged wuth Remington in the early 1900’s still keeping the “U” headstamp).