RF tool & slaughterhouse blanks - ex ref matl!

Shown below are four unidentified rimfire tool blanks: Can anyone tell me their name and calibre designation?

From left to right:

  1. Eley .22LR (For scale)

  2. Copper case, Calibre: 6.82mm / .270", Case length: 18mm / 0.710", 6 Petal star crimp, headstamp “HILTI” (Hilti Tools). Green casemouth sealant (“Low” operating strength?)

  3. Brass case, Calibre: 6.26mm / .248", Case length: 14mm / 0.550", 6 Petal star crimp, “E” (Eley) headstamp. Dark red casemouth sealant (Medium/High operating strength, did the colour codes for these work the same way as modern versions?) Is this the blank for the BSA “Little Fred” Nail Gun?

  4. Brass case, Calibre: 6.24mm / .245", Case length: 9.84mm / .388", 6 Petal star crimp, headstamp “HILTI” (Hilti Tools). Red case mouth sealant (Medium/High operating strength)?

  5. Same as No. 4, but Orange casemouth sealant (Low/Medium operating strength)?

4 & 5 are 25cal nail gun

Strength is related to the charge, IE the longer/thicker the nail, or the harder the material (steel plate vs concrete vs wood) it’s being driven into the heavier the charge required

I have a different 27cal Hilti than you’ve described, Case diameter of .270/6.85mm, length of .420/10.66mm
Case mouth / loading strip colors Yellow/Yellow, Green/Green, Red/Red and Clear/White.
My Clear/White has a “circled H” headstamp, while the others have the “Hilti” headstamp, but in 3 different font sizes.

Thanks, I knew herewere different strengths for different sizes of nail and types of material. I also have 3 variations of the shorter .27 Cal Hilti you describe. I have some with BWS cases, headstamped “HILTI”, in the black power level, with a 6 petal star crimp, and some in brass cases headstamped “HILTI” with a 8 petal star crimp in the black and red power level. The brass cased ones are unfired and in their loading strips. I found the ones in their strips on the ground at the dump while unloading some trash.

Here is some information on Tool Blank. The 1st image is the standard code as used by all U.S. makers. The same codes are used for .22, .25 & .27 Rimfire loads.

Note that after the brass loads there is a series of MUCH higher power nickel loads.

Click on the image to enlarge it for reading.

The next 3 pages are from the 1961 Fiocchi catalog.

Thanks for that Ron, what about copper cases?

Falcon, are you sure #3 is from a Nail Gun?


See it now, yours is a little thicker than the .22 LR. Sorry need glasses.


I’m not postive but I think the CWS cases are the same as the brass cases.

@Dutch, I knew it was thicker, I also have an Eley .22LR blank here.

@Ron, I have some .25 Cal tool blanks in CWS cases (magnetic), and the long .27 Cal Hilti in the photo is in a copper case (non-magnetic), I have never seen any nickeled loads in the Rimfire tool blanks.

They exist in 25 caliber, french manufacturing

Numbers 2, 4 and 5 in the photo have now been identified. They are:

No. 2 is a 6.8mm/18m Hilti DX. This is intendeded for the worldwide market, and is made by RWS of Germany. It has green sealant on the crinp, which means “Light” power level. They are designed for use with Hilti DX 76 & DX 750 Powder actuated stud driver tools.

No. 4 and 5 are .25 Calibre. They are intended for the US market only. These are also made by RWS of Germany. Shown are red (Booster 150M Heavy) and Orange (Booster 120M Medium). These are designed for use with the Hilti DX 35 Powder actuated stud driver tool.

Any help on the .25 Cal Eley (No. 3) would be appreciated.