RG 7.62x51 "L42A1" marking


I have some Radway Green 7.62 x 51 Brass. This is marked “RG 03 [NATO SIGN THINGY] L42A1” What is the meaning of the “L42A1”? These have a berdan primer with a copper cap and red annulus. The only other L42A1 i’ve heard is the Lee Enfield sniper rebarrreled for 7.62 x 51


Falcon, the L42A1 is the military’s designation for their now obsolete sniper rifle. It’s also the designation (coincidently?) of 7.62mm Match rounds as used for competition shooting - a ball round manufactured to high tolerances. I think think this has now been superceded by the L42A3 Match round.


Thanks for the info - That’s odd - I have 66 of these empty cases in a belt bought from an army surplus store in Derbyshire ages ago for


Jim is right. Th 2006 competition round at Bisley was the L42A3. The A1,2 and 3 only differ in the powder used. I think the A2 used Bofors powder and the A1 and 3 used different batches from British Aerospace’s Dutch powder subsidiary. The “COMP” headstamp is just an earler version and there is also an L38A1 competition round. All have the 155 grn match bullet.

I think someone has got hold of a load of empties and simply put them into GPMG links. Remember the army use these for competition also.



These are not in GPMG links - they are in an odd type of link stamped “AA 52 SAV”


OK, I’ll rephrase it:
I think someone has got hold of a load of empties and simply put them into French AA52 links.



This belt was a novelty item I got from a large army surplus store in Debyshire. I think I paid