RG L18A1 5.56 blanks. SCAMP question

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I have a question regarding British 5.56mm blank headstamps.
Pictured, is one of each consecutive year from 2010-2019, I’m intrigued by the variations over the years.

In 2013, SCAMP dots were introduced on the cartridges. I have only found this on 2013 and 2014 dated cartridges, and the presence of SCAMP dots ‘carry over’ to the other types of RG 5.56mm and also 7.62mm blank and ball produced in the same two years. In 2015 the SCAMP dots are gone and there’s a smaller font up to the present production. Again, this ‘carries over’ to the other types.
I’ve searched for SCAMP information on here, very interesting indeed, but nothing regarding Radway Green pacifically.

Could anyone enlighten about the background of these headstamp variations in RG production? Could the SCAMP years be of American supply and what of the font variation of recent years?

Any information would be greatly received. Many thanks, indeed!

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Is it possible RG changed from SCAMP machinery to another like Manhurin? That happened at Footscray.

Hi John,
I thought there would be a change in machinery supply, but hadn’t thought of Manurhin. Are there any 5.56 examples made with Manurhin machinery that might closely identify with the RG examples?
I suppose with it being so new, it might be subject to conjecture!

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I’m not up to date with later production at ADI (Thales) so will have to try to dig out the information for you.
Somewhere in rough handwritten notes I do have some info on the change back from G & W machinery. If I remember correctly Footscray had problems with it which affected production levels, but that would take a lot of digging.

On 5.56 the factory monogram changed from MF to AFF on 8th March 1988. Sometime in 88, 5.56 production was not done on G & W machines. If they are any use to you I have attached the two AFF headstamp photos. Not the best I’m sorry.

AFF 88 G&W
AFF 88

I know at that date Footscray still had Manhurin machines in use but am not sure if they were used on the 5.56.

ADI 93

I’ve also attached a later date with the ADI headstamp. As late as 2008 there is nothing different.
Hope this helps

Hi John,

Thanks very much for taking the time to show your examples.
It’s intriguing that the first '88 one has four dots, also. Every single 2013 and 2014 5.56/7.62 Radway Green cartridge I have come across, there are always four dots. Which, I suppose might suggest G & W machinery for those two years.
Many thanks indeed, certainly has broadened the avenues for further research.

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