RGEM (GREM) or SIMON door breaching round

As you may have seen on TV,the Marines are using a new door breaching munition that will open any door. This device is fired using any ball ammunition from the M-4 Carbine. This new device is called the GREM ( Grenade,Rifle, Entry,Munition ) It is also know as SIMON as it was designed in Israeli. The practice round is marked RGEM
The device is made for urban warfare and can be fired as close as 25 feet from the door. The device has a set back safety that allows the grenade to travel 15 feet before it is armed. The black aluminum rod is a stand-off that focuses the blast.
The “bathroom-plunger” looking device in real life is five ounces of explosive that generates a very specific pressure wave that folds the door in half, literally.
Here is a link of them in action:
I was given a training round and have taken a few photo’s of what it looks like on a M4 Type carbine. The recoil is very sharp and heavy as the projectile is not light. A snap on recoil pad has been made to lesson the felt recoil which I was given as well.
In all, it is a very interesting munition and is extremely effective in removing doors.

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