Rhein Westfalen. Sprengstoff-Act.-Ges 7mm bullets

Another neat German bullet,
Comes in a 20 round box, with a two sided label. On the outside,
Made in Germany
All of that looks like a rudimentary ink stamp, but on the inside of the label is a much more commercial looking stamp label
7-26 Hohlspitze
This on the end

On the long face
Rhein.-Westfal. Sprengstoff-ACT.-GES
7-26. (Picture of bullet) S Hohlspitze
Geez gr 9,00 gr

There is a diagram of a hollow point bullet, but the bullets in the box were Nickle plated spritzers with a boat tail, and hair cutter and what appears to be a copper jacketed Spitzer point of 173 grains. Neat bullets, going to feed the 7x61 Sharpe and Hart if there is no reason to save them. Anyone have any information on them, or translations of the two sided label? Thanks in advance.

Please show us an image. (JPG files can be uploaded via the upward pointing arrow in the Reply screen.)

Here are the photos

This is on the inside of the label

Here are the bullets.

And loaded in the 7x61 Sharpe and Hart

The first Label says 20 H-Mantel bullets, caliber 7 mm and 38 mm long.
The H-Mantel hunting bullet was developed in the 1930s and even today (in a much modified design) is one of RWS most popular bullets. It combines fragmentation of the front part with a massive rear part that should guarantee an exit wound.
Yours are of the early type with a pointed copper shroud (hollow inside). In the 1960s this was changed to a rounded shape. Variations with an exposed lead core also existed.
The printed side of the label shows an older 7 mm pointed (S) hollow point (Hohlspitze) design, 26 mm long, 9 grams. Mantelgeschosse is German for jacketed bullets.

I did end up with some rocket tail RWS TIG 7mm bullets a few years ago too, the have the exposed lead tip, but like these bullets, have the hair cutter ring, and Nickle jacket as well, neat projectiles, thanks for the info

Thank you for posting these,this post answers some of my questions regarding some of those
hollow points that I have in some rounds I know now for sure who made them

Good news, glad the pics helped. What cartridge are yours in?

Click on STENDEBACH IDEAL the 2 8+57mm pics with the hollow point bullets