Rhino/T. B. Industries 9mmP Subsonic

I recently picked up this box of ammo.

The loads have a blunt GM bullet loaded in a case headstamped FC 88 with no NATO mark. the overall weight of the cartridge is ~200g so the bullet is about 135g at max.

The styrofoam tray holding the ammo is dated on the end " AUG 10 1988" which I assume is probably the date of loading.

Looking on information, including location and address for Rhino Replacement Parts (from logo on box) and T.B. Industries who apparently made the ammunition.

Pickings on the internet are thin although at http://ammo.ar15.com/project/Handgun_Ammo_FAQnRules/ExoticHandgunAmmo.htm DKConfiguration shows a conical lead bullet with the caption "Rhino replacement parts “AP Penetraor” (actually lead bullet; it’s a fake ".

Also found this quote at http://www.vpc.org/Studies/cfboom.htm

I found some other references to Rhino Replacement Parts but all second hand and no details.

[b]Who is or was Rhino Replacement Parts and where were they located?

Who is or was T.B. Industries and where were they located?[/b]

Any help appreciated.


A couple years ago I had posted something about the .44mag Rhino packet I had and it appears here:

I don’t know exactly who because all the names say “historian” in the older forum, but I think it was John Moss who posted some info that he gleaned from a George Kass file about Rhino Replacement Parts being from Seneca, SC in the late 1980’s.

The link above to the VPC (absurd anti-gun lobby) is funny in the number of blatant technical, legal, and historical errors it has about ammunition. In the same paragraph that mentions the Rhino company, they mention that “the 9mm is itself an updated version of the .45 auto” which is of course crazy since the 9mm was designed first.

DK, In my searches yesterday, I ran across your packet of Rhino Replacement Parts 44 Mag “AP” conical lead bullets. I also ran across a good deal of material on the Chemist in Huntsville AL and his Rhino round that was instant death and his Black Rhino which was an AP instant death bullet. The ATF approved his Rhino for commercial sale saying it was just another HP bullet and they said the Black Rhino didn’t exist as far as they can tell. Clearly this is no relation to Rhino Replacement Parts which appears to be mainly a gun parts operation.

One interesting bit on Rhino was the material below:

I have no idea what this material was talking about. Other websites pretty well confirm that Deputy Jones was killed in the incident as indicated, but none I read said anything about Rhino or a cop killer bullet.



A rifle with “Rhino” bullets they say? Pretty much any bona-fide rifle will penetrate soft body armor with any type of bullet. If the shooter had some odd packet of .223 or .30 caliber Rhino Replacement Parts brand cartridges then I suppose the police/media could have confused them with the infamous “Black Rhino” rds if the time frame was around 1995 when all the hype saturated the media around Dec/Jan and on into spring of 1995? This could have caused them to believe that the bullets were enhanced penetrators, but ultimately with rifles; whether it’s a cheap old 30-30 soft point, or a shiny new 30-06 M2AP, they will both penetrate body armor.

George Kass came through for me. I thought I had run across Rhino before, but couldn’t find it in my database. I did have a “Ryno” (another story), but I had “Rhino Replacement Parts” listed under Blammo Ammo Co., PO Box 1677, Seneca SC. From the original packets I found (an “Explosive” and a Tracer) I picked up Blammo since it was the only name on the first packet I got. I notice that other packets show PO Box 669.

According to George who has a copy of their catalog, they opened in 1986 and were out of business by the end of 1990.

This “Rhino” apparently had nothing to do with David Keen of Signature Products Corporation and his “Cop Killer” Rhino and Black Rhino that created such a stir in Dec 1994 to Jan 1995 when the ATF decided that the Rhino was just another version of the Glaser bullet and that the “AP” Black Rhino didn’t exist. In the summer of 1994, Keen claimed to have invented a paint that made aircraft “invisible” to radars (sure would make the B-2 and the F-22 cheaper to own). His Rhino bullet was reportedly marketed as the Razor Ammo in the summer of 1995. I have this picture in my file (perhaps from DK) but don’t have any of the ammo.

The packet sure looks similar to MagSafe ammo of the period

If anyone has one of these packets, or even a single round, I’m interested.



That makes more sense now that you mention it. I think the “parent company” was Rhino Replacement parts, but this was often in small print on the box/pack, and so the type of ammo was often assumed to be the brand. I have heard of “Blammo-Ammo” as being their own company and maybe this is because this was the most heavily produced type from Rhino Replacement Parts? It figures since the exploders like Velet/Velex and Bingham back then were all the rage. The Subsonic, Tracer, A.P. Penetrator, and others might just be less common types from them. I wonder if they made their own stuff at all or if it, or some of it was made by others like “T.B. Industries” on the Subsonic box?

According to the link here, an excerpt from an old catalog from “Blammo-Ammo” explains that they used the name “Blammo-Ammo” based on their most popular exploder ammo:

DK, I think you are on the right track. Blammo Ammo, according to some newspaper articles is a SC company. They may have been another name for Rhino or somehow related. Blammo was basically known for their line of exotic 12ga shotshells as listed in the page you reference.

You can find these same shotshells, plus others including a Blammo Blank for sale on the Firequest website. Firequest is a company in El Dorado AR.

I wonder who is making all this stuff for Firequest or whether they are the latest rebirth of Blammo?



I just picked up a packet of the RAZOR-AMMO (ex-Rhino Ammo of TV fame). It is a real hoot! Our Mr David Keen has his photo and bio on the back. He is not shy about either his own accomplishments or those of his bullets. His company is Signatiure Products Corp, Special Ordnance Division, in Huntsville AL, 205-534-0004. Unfortunately, it is a disconnected number.