Rhodesia Cartridge Souvenirs (7.62x51 hstp IDs)


Today at a flea market I bought this for


South Africa


Falcon - the round headstamped simply “7.62” could be South African, but not positively. One would have have to compare the style of writing. I don’t collect this caliber, but I have had several rounds go thru my fingers that were headstamped with just the caliber, but were different from each other. Admittedly, though, the assocition with Rhodesia mades manufacture in RSA likely.

The “ASC” headstamp was almost certainly made in Portugal. It also exists in 9mm Parabellum, known with the years 70, 71 and 73 on the headstamp. It is known in that caliber in both ball and dummy, with the dummy rounds being of a decidedly South African Style. I have often wondered if the dummies weren’t made into that type in R.S.A. from Portuguese cases. However, there is not any more documented proof of that, that I know of, than there is that they are Portuguese, although the latter fact is hardly in doubt. I am not sure that anyone has found out exactly what the meaning of “A.S.C.” is, or even if the nitials are for Portuguese words, English Words, or some other language. The rounds have all of the characteristics of ammunition made by F