Rice patented bullet?


Does anybody know anything about the “Rice patented” bullet which was a segmented 3-part lead bullet with a hollow point? Who loaded them, and when & why? It was a lead bullet with 3 vertical cuts meant to facilitate expansion & post-impact multi-projectilism. It sort of looks like the grandfather to the Aguila IQ. It would have hailed from the 1890’s to 1920’s era. Below is a rough overhead photo of a .44 caliber projectile:


After getting nothing on various Google searches, a round-about search on Google patents did find this:


which shows a Mr “Israel L. G. Rice” as the inventor of the bullet from 1879. Next question s how common are these?


Is the bullet shown loaded in a pistol cartridge or rifle? Jack


It is loaded in a .44 S&W Russian


DK: Glad I asked; I was guessing it might be for elk mauling or something of that sort in a big Sharps cartridge. Thanks, Jack