Rif War 2 fuses?

Again, from another view. Found i. Spanish trenches in morocco from the Rif War. What are they?

Please, anyone?

Now, what material are these objects made of? Steel? Lead? Bullets, pellets from a muzzleloader?

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Hello. They are made out of lead… I found them together in a trench.

they are not bullets, thats forn sure

Howdy jonassenhadji,
How can you be certain they’re not bullets?

To me they appear to be pure lead rounds that have simply struck hard a hard surface to deform like that.

Also what is the diameter of the pars which are still circular?

Regards hamish.

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Bullets would not deform so uniform and also it makes no sense if they would be so thin walled.

I agree with the statements above that these are no projectiles.

Do the lower “round” ones have through-holes in the sides?

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To me, they look like lead seals, perhaps used on containers for some sort of liquid? I do not think they are individual bullets. Maybe even some sort of lead seal used to detect tampering on an ammunition container.

This I believe, is a Bulgarian crate seal: (Like John mentioned.)
Bulgarian crate seal
Not near as round and stepped as the above pieces. If the wire rusted away, there should be holes on the side as EOD asked about.
So I have no idea what your lead “plugs” were from.

Dan, not neccessarily Bulgarian (also kinda unlikely in Spain) as these blanks were likely used around the globe by many entities and they all looked 99% identical.

EOD, I realize not likely in Spain but it was the only sample I had!
So the 10 Bulgarian! Thanks again!

The 10 is Bulgarian for sure but the ones in the initial question are not.

it is not seal. They look smashed and penetraded. But is for shure not bullets. I found alot of musketballs and shrapnels

The Rif war was around 1915 to 1925. These objects i found next to eachother, on the side of a Spanish trench on a mountain in the North of Morocco, near Tangier.
They are made out of lead, and seems to be smashed or pierced from the one side. one seems not to be smashed. its not seals, or leadbullet, muscetballs. The cadridges i found inside and around the trench, was Mausser ammo from 1918-21.

Still nobody with a idea of what it is?


In my opinion these are shrapnel or cannister shot (lead balls) that were picked up by a solider who shaped them into pieces for a board game or just made odd shaped items from the round lead balls.

This was very common in the U.S. Civil War, solders would make all sorts of things from lead bullets and lead balls.


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Thanks for your answer. But I do not think thats the case here. They are machine made. A local guy said it was from a kind of rocketlauncher