Rif war cadridges

Hey i found these in morocco, can anyone tell me 80715754_792275951236716_3143356563872284672_n

Could you tell us the case length and maybe the inner case mouth diameter?
And if possibe show us a side view of the case.

Its from Mauser Rifle s 7.92 i think![IMG_20190922_172251|690x920]

The image does not work somehow.

These appear to be 7x57 made by Hirtenberger (Austria).

Hello Jonassenhadji and welcome to this club.

Without any dimensions it is not so easy to determine the cartridges but I 'd would like to say these could be 7x57 or 8x57 Mauser cartridges. About the headstamp: please wait for the experts but it seems EOD is right with Hirtenberger. Case was made in 1909.

Thanks. I am. I. Denmark now, going back to Tangier next week, then i got more questions