Rigby 275 / Kynoch 7X57 / Czechoslovakian 7X57 - Questions

I recently picked up this box of Rigby 275, and was a little disappointed by the Roth headstamped rounds inside. Can anyone tell me if there was point where Rigby starting using Rigby headstamps exclusively, or did they use other makers marked casings continuously as required?

I also got this Kynoch 7X57 box loaded with RWS made rounds:

And was wondering about the ‘Mauser’ stamp on the box. Can anyone confirm, was this stamp factory (Kynoch) applied?

Lastly I picked up a box of Czechoslovakian 7X57:

I see a code on the box, 117010 (the last 1 is reversed). Would 1970 be a realistic date of mfg for these?
Also, is there a catalogue of the companies products that anyone knows of, I am curious what rounds they loaded.

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On your box with the Roth headstamps does one end flap call it a .257" & the other a .275"? If so, a very good variation as it also comes with .275" on both ends

Usually this box style seems to have the Kings Norton “Spire point” bullet, & I’ve not seen that “Expanding” aluminum tipped version in that box. All of these early boxes I’ve seen have the G.Roth 1903 headstamps.

Rigby also used Austrian brass for the .350 & the 7mm/350

I doubt the Mauser stamp was applied by Kynoch, or that the steel case RWS contents are original to the box.

That POVAZSKÉ STROJÁRNE (PS) production would have been from 1948 to 1954 when the factory ceased producing sporting ammunition.

There are about three catalogs of this company (including addendums)- one is reprinted by Cornell and is available here: https://www.cornellpubs.com/old-guns/item_desc.php?item_id=416

Here are their known sporting Headstamps which gives you an idea of calibers produced:

PS * 6.5x70R *
PS * 8x56 *
PS * 9x56 MSch. *
PS * 9.5x57 *
PS * 9.3x74R *
PS * 6.5x54 *
PS * 6.5x53R *
PS * 8,2x50R *
PS * 9.3x57R *
PS * 9.3x72R *
PS * 360/8x57 *
PS * 11.6x60R *
PS * 11.6x52R *
PS * 6.5x58R *
PS * S.S.C 8X58 *
PS * S.S.C.8X58 *
PS S.S.C. 8X58
PS * 8.2x72R *
PS * 8.15x46R *
PS * 6.5x57 *
PS * 6.5x57R *
PS * 8x57R *
PS * 8x57S *
PS * 9x57 *
PS 9x57
PS * 7x57 *
PS * 7x57R *
PS * 9.3x62 *
PS * 10.75x68 *
PS * 9.3x74R *
PS * 8x57 *
PS * 11.2X51R *
PS * 6.5x50 *
PS * 6.5x51 *
PS * 5.6x51 *
PS * 9.1x40R *
PS * 5,6x35R *
PS 5.6x52R
PS * 5.6x52R *
PS * 6,5x52R *
PS * 6,5x41R *
PS * 6.5x51 *
PS * 360/8x72 *
PS * 8x60S *
PS * 8x60R * - syntax ?
PS * 8x60RS *
PS * 7x64 *
PS * 7x65R *
PS * 8x64S *
PS * 7.8x53 *

Thanks for the listing. I would not have thought they were that age.

As for the Kynoch, I need to weigh a bullet, they seem to match the description on the label, but the box has been ‘repaired’ so if someone stuck different rounds in it they chose well, but it wont break my heart.

Note that those RWS case are Lacquered Copper washed Steel (CWS) and would date from WW2 ie probably early 1940’s - how does that match the Kynoch box format ?

The box lists the contents as “Metal Covered Copper Pointed Bullet 140grs”. Like I say I need to weight one, but the bullet design matches the box description.

and I cannot believe that Germany has delivered during the War cases to the “than-Enemy” in Greatbritain…

That does not fit the Story at all.
Kynoch has manufactured itself metal covered pointed bullets, but they look different, and certainly have not used german made Covered hollowpoint H-Mantel (H-Mantel Kupferhohlspitz), which are in this box…

Why do you call these copper tipped projectiles H mantel hollow points.
Kynoch made this type in many calibers. Nickel copper pointed.
The date is on the bottom of the packet . Could Kolibri please let us know the date code on this packet.

I would suggest Forensic is correct. I show a RWS box that contains cartridges very similar to, (with a soft point rather than copper tipped bullet), the cartridges in the Kynoch box shown by Kolibri3mm with copper-tipped bullets. A RWS cartridge with copper point bullet is on the right with a typical Kynoch copper point on the left. Headstamp KYNOCH 7 m/m
Back of the RWS box below.


My mistake. I thought the cartridges were like your example on the left.

Kynoch box, with the only code I can see

PS box with the only code I can see on it as well

The PS - RWS - G Roth 1903 rounds

The Kynoch box 4 J F date is 4 March 1957. So post WW2 years.
F can be 1931 but were lift off top boxes then in tan or yellow labels.

Because that is the correct name for this type here in Germany…The copper tip protects the hollowpoint under it… And the bullet construction is of the H-Type
Some knowledge on Terms should be around , before questioning given Infos…

Never did see a reply to my question about the ends of the Rigby box

Sorry, got lost in all the excitement, yes it is one of the 257 - 275 boxes. I had been trying to figure out when they got the telephone listed on the boxes, since this one is still just the telegram.


A couple of interesting (at least to me) relabeled Kynoch packs:

Here in the USA those Canadian labels are seen on a good number of ammunition types & products, even primers.

Still, nice to see. thanks.
Here are some more British & a Canadian (with the bottom printing) 7mm Mauser boxes.

That Eley box and contents would be nice. Tracking them down up here is hard.

I have a similar box as Randy (30army)
The box has an additional sticker.