Rigby box: What headstamp?

I recently found this old Rigby’s .350 Bore No.2 box with 6 cartridges. What should the headstamps be on original cartridges from this box. The one’s that came with the box are headstamped Kynoch 400-350 Nitro. I think the stamp on the box reads ‘solid’, and so are the bullets on the rounds.IMG_6818 IMG_6819

very likely correct to the box.

The box label is 1917 or later, so given the falling out that took place in the British ammunition business at the end of WW.1 Kynoch seems much the best possibility. Jack

Here is a box with a “brother” cartridge, the .350 Rigby Magnum in a simular style as FVN’s box. The style of the text however looks more modern and has a faint stamp on the right side of the front, reading 4 7 . Does anyone have an idea about this beeing the year of production?
The HS of the cartridges inside is RIGBY▪350 MAGNUM and NITRO at 6 o’clock.

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I show 14 variations of Rigby .350 No 2 Nitro boxes.
Earliest ones have “SPECIAL” on the label.One is a white label.
Subtle other variations are MAYFAIR, REGENT, KING ST, overstamps on old blue labels using the later white box label.
It is dated 17 N F which is 17 July 1957.
Some of the blue Rigby boxes have dates stamped on the top label.
579 is said to be September 1957. (Fleming)
322 is February 1932.
Fleming states that the Rigby boxes are 225 grain projectiles.
Later red and yellow KYNOCH boxes all state 310 grains.

My 5110 box has a single round H/S RIGBY .350 NITRO.
My 388 box is full of H/S KYNOCH .400-350 NITRO.

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Very nice boxes, thank you for sharing.👍
Please correct me if i am wrong, but the red/yellow Kynoch boxes i guess is the .400/.350 NE introdused by J.Rigby in 1899. I show here a Kynoch/Kynamco box with the correct bulletweight for the rimmed No 2 Rigby. HS is KYNOCH at 12, and 400 350 at 6.

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ron3350 - Thank you for all the pics and info.

I agree that the 310 grain loads are the 400/350 Nitro but both cases seem the same but have different grain projectiles and loads.
Hoyem lists them together as the same case.
I have a few KYNAMCO boxes up to .700 Nitro but hard to find here.
Not sure if I have this one. Not in my British drawers.Thanks for comments.

Rigby just seems to have taken this case and used his custom loads or loaded for him by Kynoch as HV nitro. A lighter projectile should have a faster velocity than the 310 grain projectile.
Same as he did with the 7x57 when he called it a Rigby .275 HV.