RIGBY Cartridges


Three boxes of RIGBY cartridges.

I just noticed that the .350 cartridges are headstamped KYNOCH. Is that correct?

Anybody have a guess as to the value of these full boxes?



Ray, you don’t suprise me about the Kynoch headstamp. None of these people actually made their own ammo. It was always made for them.

A lot of Holland and Holland ammunition is packaged in distinctive yellow and red Kynoch boxes although it has the H&H name printed on the box its clear where it came from.

I guess they could have had their own name on the headstamp if they had ordered enough. In actual fact the sales of ammunition for these calibres was not high because the rifles were not actually fired that often by their owners so Rigbys probably didn’t order that much at a time.

Did you notice there are two different addresses on the boxes? Sackville St and King St? I think King St is the later address.



I’m sure the Britons who take part in this forum know about London postal districts, but for those of us elsewhere it might be useful to point out that district codes including following numerals (W.1 and SW.1, in the pics above) indicate the labels postdate the expansion of the codes in 1917. Prior to 1917 the districts were merely letters of the alphabet (N, for example). Addresses postdating the revision lacking the numerals do sometimes show up, but the later ones are not seen before the date of revision. Jack


Actually, the two addresses are very close togeather although they have different postcodes.
Both would have been prestidgeous addresses although th St Jame’s address would have been slightly more so.

one of the boxes is marked “nitro cellulose powder” and “non rusting caps” which would indicate to me 50s maybe?
The telephone numbers indicate that they were pre 1960s when London went to an all number telephone system. My parents moved to the house I susequently grew up in in 1965 and our number had changed by then. We never had the old style number at that house.

Rigbys was sold in 1997 to an American gunmaker and the name still exists on guns made today. Almost alone among the “Best” London Gunmakers they produced exclusively bolt action big game rifle and never went into double rifles. As a result a lot more of their rifles are still in use today and not buried away in collections around the world.


I guess you got so bored being snowed in that you opened all your sealed boxes. Are these three in your collection, or can we assume these Rigby cartridges are considered wildcats.



All the big kids said it was a crime to have a sealed box so, yes, I opened all of my boxes. Threw the boxes away since I have no place to store them. The cartridges went into plastic bags, after they were polished up good and shiney. Did I do the wrong thing???

Yes, I own them. Can somebody give me a ball-park figure of the value? Somebody must have some idea??

I have a few other boxes that I’d like to get a value on. Is this something that’s not appropriate for the Forum? If not, where do I go?



Ray, I’ll send you a prepaid box that you can ship by UPS with the ammo inside and once it arrives I will appraise it and send you a check. In the event you are not satisfied with the price I pay, you have 15 minutes to change your mind but your ammo and boxes will be returned… if I can find em.


The ‘Collector Cartridge Prices’ listings from The Gun Report, which also appears in the Journal, shows the .350 Rigby #2s at $8 each, and the .416 Rigbys at $12 each. This gives you a good starting place. Reduce these a smidgeon since you are talking more than one cartridge (a supply and demand thing), factor in another $50 to $100 for the sealed box (ha!), reduce the resultant value just a little because you are the one who owns the box and are not the one buying it (in which case you would increase the resultant value a lot) and you should get a ballpark value for the full boxes, give or take a little for the level of enthusiasm of your available pool of buyers.