Rimfire 1" Gatling?

Was at a gun show the other week and took a picture of this collection some guy was selling for $700

Is the large cartridge to the left of the very large cartridge a 1" rimfire gatling?

What are these worth?

Also does anyone else have a better picture or two of this cartridge?

Any other notable cartridges in here?


Aaron–It looks more like a Bar-Primed 1" Gatling to me, but can’t really see it very well, just going by the mouth crimp.

As to wither this is worth $700 or not depends on some things you did not mention:

  1. Is this a Factory Display Board or just something put together by a collector?

  2. Do the cartridges have holes in them for attachment or are they live rounds?

  3. Are they all the same company headstamp?

If it is a Factory Display, then it is easily worth $700 +++.

If it is homemade and the cartridges are live, then again, well worth $700.

If it is homemade and the cartridges have holes drilled in them, then probably not worth much here in the U.S., but might be a good buy if you can find a European collector to sell the cartridges to, since most of them can not have live cartridges anyway.

Well put, Ron.

Looks like those cartridges are just arranged in the display, and not attached. The Gatling ought to be worth at least $200, regardless of which one it is - bar-primed, Benet-primed or rimfire. Hard to say about most of the others without knowing what they are and their headstamps. Sure looks interesting - I’d like to see something like this at one of the gun shows I attend.

A 1 inch rim fire Gatling should be worth considerably more than $200 as I understand only two are known & one, or perhaps both, are a fired case.

They are live cartridges and are held on by wire or string or something wrapped around the cartridges. The guy selling it said he got it from some doctor that had it hanging in his office. I have his information if anyone wants it. I was just mainly interested in the one cartridge if it really was a 1" rimfire. It looked a lot like one from my glances at it (I saw from different angles when I actually saw it. But sometimes you can’t tell just from looking. And I dont have any good pictures of samples to go by.

So I found a better picture of one of these…

and i guess it is not even a rimfire, it’s a Benet primed.

I found this one for sale for $395