Rimfire? #2

Need help identifying both.

Left Cartridge L 1.064"
Case L .639"
Bullet .379"
Rim .433"
Head .377
No headstamp

Right Cartridge L 1.031
Case L .755"
Bullet .359"
Rim .441"
Head .379"
Impressed circle that doesn’t show in the pic - can’t make out anything in the impression.


unknowns%201 unknowns%202

The cartridge on the left appears to be a 380 Short although I suppose it could be a really short 38 Short. There is a fair amount of overlap in the dimensions for the two. Barber shows a similar cartridge in his section on handloads but the crimp on yours looks too good.

The cartridge on the right is a mutilated or handloaded 38 Short. The remnants of the headstamp look like the impressed H in an impressed circle used by Winchester. Sometimes these are faint.
Here is an example of a factory load.
R0612 R0612h