Rimfire cartridge case tool marks sources


Does anyone know of a published source, besides Barber, for rimfire cartridge case tool marks. I’m interested in a comprehensive list, with illustrations, of tool marks by manufacturer and production dates. Barber gives a fine, but general, list with drawings and manufacturers and some broad dates. It is certainly a fine start. But I was hoping someone has taken his study further and published their findings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


The Rocky Mountain Bullet, July-Aug., 2005, issue 115 had a great article about rim fire identification.
It was probably done by Jim Scones, who has passed (was also the person to go to, about ammunition patents) & this might article have been from his estate?
Done similarly to the chapter in Barber.
These are the only two published bits about this I’m aware of.

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Their Guns and Their Legacy
by Paul Henry

Has a page on the tool marks on their cartridges that I found interesting.

Anyone know what the general rules here are of posting a page from a book?


Troy Livingston, who I believe was an IAA member in the past, has been studying tool marks and identification of unheadstamped rimfires for years. I don’t know how far along he is towards publishing something, but he had amassed a large group of rimfire images and information the last time I spoke to him about this some years ago. If anyone knows Troy and has his current e-mail address, perhaps they might check with him. In the meantime, I’ll try to track him down.