Rimfire: French Horn headstamp assistance


I am having some conflicting information and sources on the French Horn headstamp. In exisiting publications and in George Kass’s rimfire guide the Raised Horn is listed as made by Cartoucherie Francaise prior to WW2.
I as well attributed to C.F. in my guide due to existing publications and their credibility which have been bang on.
I have found a tin as well but it does not state the manufacturer, only made in France (In French) located on the side.

Why I am asking is I have now seen two MGM cartridge display boards (one I was emailed and another seen on naturabuy) that contain 6mm Flobert cartridges with this headstamp on and attributed to MGM along side with cartridges with the MGM Bell headstamp on. So I am wondering are they truly the manufacturer of this horn headstamp or has someone replaced some cartridges to fill these MGM cartridge boards? Does anyone have a tin that states the manufacturer or other notable proof of whom manufactured?


Curtis, “Le Cor” is a MGM brand and you can find it in their catalogs. I don’t know why it was identified as being made CF.





Thanks Fede, I was hoping you saw this one. This is greatly appreciated!