Rimfire Headstmp I.D


I am re -cataloguing various collections [Thanks to a bug] good security now and I am also copying to disk as I work.
I need to Know WHO MADE IT?
Bird or Dragon with a bomb on 9mm RF
T on 22 LR AND 22 MAG [modern] ? Stirling rings a bell
B on 22 LR [modern] ? not the same as old copper case Birmingham ones, possibly 80’s
The sunrise markings on the head of a 54 Star [CDL or CTM] ?
E on the 22 MAG [modern] ? Eley ???
DISHED BASE STEEL CASE 22 LR [possibly Russian ] ?
Thanks Again Terry


Terry–Really need a picture of these headstamps as there could be more than one answer for each of them. But I will take a stab of each without a picture, even through they will be educated guesses.

Bird/bomb–need picture

T–the Stirling T is a large outlined T. If so, it is Squires Bingham, Merikina, Philippines. First used about 1978.

B-Most likely Browning. Depending on exact style and size of the b it could be Browning Australia, Belgium or USA.

E-- Again, depending on style and size of the E it could be Eley or IMI, Australia.

Sunrise–Need picture

Brass dished base–Can’t remember on this one. I think it might be Vostok Brand from Russia.

Steel Dished Base–If it is parkised (gray) steel, then it is Russian.


The 9mm is a BB CAP and the headstamp is raised, a flying bird with spears or arrows at beak, it has a circle beneath, at feet, in the circle is 2 letters
Who made it , with thanks Terry.


Terry–The bird headstamp which you first described as having a bomb in its feet was not one I had ever seen. But, as described in your later posting, I do have in 7mm as well as 9mm. It is most likely a product of Braun & Bloem, Dusseldorf, Germany. I do not have postive identifaction of this, but they did use variations of the Eagle headstamp that I do have boxes for.