Rimfire ID

Rimfire ID needed.
Raised “GE” headstamp

8.77mm bullet
8.84mm neck
10.66mm rim
8.91mm base
16.17 case length
24.08 cartridge length

.350 Sharps?

GE = Georg Egestorff, Linden, Germany?

Both Pete and Sam are correct. This is the 350 short by Georg Egesdorff.


Thanks guys

I’ve extracted a segment from: The Rimfire Cartridge in the United States & Canada, by John L. Barber.
Unfortunately; the book does not mention the 350 short in its specification page. It does however mention the 350 Sharps (9mm). For each parameter there is a lower and upper measurement.

The lower and upper measurements; ‘could,’ probably, have some variation.

Hope this may be helpful.