Rimfire identification marathon #1


This is the first grouping of the rimfire ammunition that I’d like information on.

The two longest ones are 2 1/4".

Is this sufficient?


1 44L
2,3 38XL
4,5 41 Swiss
6 56/52 Spencer
7 56/50 "
8 50 Maynard
9,10 41 Sht


This is the first grouping of the rimfire ammunition that I’d like information on.

The two longest ones are 2 1/4".

Is this sufficient?

From left to right, they appear to be :
.44 Henry, .38 extra long (2), .41 Swiss ( 2 ) the brass cased one is rather modern made ( Italian ), 56-52 or 56-56 Spencer,56-50 Spencer, .50 M’65 Maynard ( not a rimfire ) and, .41 short ( 2 ) This should help until dimensions are posted ( going by looks only ) M. Rea

Here are some dimensions. All in inches.

Number Length o/a Dia.
1 1.53 0.44
2 1.99 0.38
3 1.94 0.37
4 2.21 0.43
5 2.20 0.41
6 1.54 0.48
7 1.61 0.46
8 1.76 0.52
9 0.91 0.41
10 0.82 0.38

Birdseye - its really none of my business, but am curious. You mentioned buying these in San Francisco about 20 years ago. Can I ask where? Just idle curiosity.

No problem at all.

The place was a really nice gun store… as I recall there was a large island in the center. They had lots of firearms and they struck me as sort of an upscale operation.

That help?

If the island you are remembering was a couple of long gun racks between pillars, and a large glass case of collector’s cartridges near the front door, and the upper walls on the sides were covered with cartridge boards and the back wall above our main counter with DEWAT machine guns, that was the San Francisco Gun Exchange, Inc. on 2nd Street. I worked there for 36 years full time (a couple before that part time) and was the manager for about 25 of those years. We may have met, although I did not take care of the collector’s ammo. That was handled by a fellow who didn’t actually work for us, although the merchandise was the store’s. The fellow who handled it is still an IAA member though.

We were not upscale in the sense of an Abercrombie & Fitch, but I like to think we ran a fairly professional shop, with some policies, sometimes hard to enforce (such as don’t BS the customers and don’t “oversell” them) with 16 people working there, that some gunshops, unfortunately, don’t seem to have.

If it was the Gun Exchange, a belated thanks for your patronage. It was our customers that kept us a decent place to shop - without good customers, and that is anyone pleasant whether they spend much or not - a store is nothing!

That’s it. The first time I was there was probably in 1976. It was the first time I handled a Browning Hi-Power. I finally bought one last year.
These cartridges were probably purchased during the summer of 1996.

I do recall that the staff was very friendly and accommodating, an unfortunate difference from most gun stores that I have frequented.

You are welcome, BTW.