Rimfire reference

Can anyone point me to a good web reference that would help me to ID some rimfire cartridges that I have?

I bought them in SF about 20 years ago and they have sort of sat in a Riker mount since then. I do have the prices I paid which might prove interesting.


Birdseye–There is no better place to get them identified than here on the Forum. Post a scan of the side view and the headstamp with some dimensions and most likely they will be identified quickly.

Go here for instructions on how to post images on the Forum. I suggest Photobucket as the best place to use, If you do, select the BOTTOM choice ([IMG]) under each uploaded image that you want to post and press CTRL-C. Go to your post and press CTRL-V.


OK. I didn’t want to bore anyone.

I’ll do it today.

[quote=“Birdseye”]OK. I didn’t want to bore anyone.

I’ll do it today.[/quote]

You won’t bore anyone here with “ammo talk” ;-)