RIMLESS 13 x 92 T-Gewehr

I went round to another collector’s house last night to have a look at his collection of WW2 German ordnance and (demilled) small arms. One of the items he had was a rimless T-Gewehr case headstamped [Eagle] P 39. I have never seen this case as rimless design before, and assume it must be for the late 1930s trials for a 13x92 aircraft gun.

The rimless tank gewehr is not a trial of an aircragt gun but in fact it is a “clandestine” experiment support for the 7.92 anti tank.

Because of the need to be conform with the French and British laws after WWI, Germans were not authorized to make developments with new antitank ctges having a small caliber.

Therefore they screw up the Allies by doing “experiments” with the old tankewehr ctge (rimless instead of being rimmed). These last ones say OK because they knew the ballistic of this last ctge was very bad.

And just before WWII Germans had only to changed the barrel of the guns to 7.92 caliber and got a very good anti tank gun !!


In 1938 we had no allied inspections anymore. To my limited knowledge the 13mm was used as a “public version” to hide the new 8mm which was secret at that time. The 13mm was also designated as “training barrel” (Übungslauf). Someone else may know better.

Some replicas of this round were made (I have one).

here is a head stamp.


The round I saw was a corroded case that had been dug up. However the primer was unfired and the inside of the case was clean so it had obviously been pulled and the bullet lost.


Can we have a picture of the round itself, to round things out?

John Moss

Here is a list of some hstps: (courtesy from a Dutch collector)
P 38 the lot no’s 1a , 1 b , WaA406
P 38 6004b 4f and with out and both WaA700
P 39 2c - 3c - 3d - 3e - 3i - 4c all WaA406
further the lots 4e - 4f - 4g - 4h - 5a - 5b




Can we have a picture of the round itself, to round things out?

John Moss[/quote]

Here it is.