Rimless Grooveless Internal Primed Centerfire

Here is an interesting piece that I’m not sure what to think of! Supposedly it’s a .22 caliber internally primed centerfire rimless and grooveless cartridge. It has roughly a 24 mm case length. Attached is a picture:

I know of a handful of patent-fire examples with similar construction, however I’m blanking on a .22 caliber. Anyone ever seen anything like this?

My first thought is a .22 case draw piece fitted with a bullet. I assume it is not headstamped.

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Completely blank on the case head with a slight bevel.

Fede, you are correct. It’s a draw piece with a bullet stuffed in the case mouth. No case mouth crimp is visible. I have collected .22’s for nearly 50 years and see one of these every two or three years. It would have been nice if it was an experimental, but sadly not.


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Thank you for your answers! I had a feeling it was a draw case, but was hoping it wasn’t.