Rimmed 6.5x 32.6

Recent acquisition of a combination/cape gun the rifle barrel is chambered for a 6.5 x 32.6 rimmed case
Case Length = 1.285" (32.6mm)
.435" rim diameter
.377" base diameter
1.090" base to base of neck
.370" dia @ shoulder
.294" neck dia.
The bore slugs .268"
The brass with the gun is made from 357 Mag cases necked down to 6.5
Except for the bullet diameter it appears to be a 256 Win. Mag. I thought at first it was 6.5x 27R but the case is too long and bullet diameter is listed as .257 for the 6.5x27R. The barrel is marked 6.8 but no case length. The shot barrel is 28 bore 2.5". Proofed in Ferlach in 1912.
Any ideas what the cartridge is?


Perhaps a 6.8x33R Schulhof? There was also an earlier 28mm case length version. Dimensions in general are pretty close to those you list. Did you make a chamber cast you could show a picture of?


There is a 6.8 x 33 R Schulhof cartridge which has almost identical head / rim diam and bullet diam.

Anyway, this cartridge has a longer neck than your cartridge. You list a 1.090" lenght from base to neck, whereas in the Schulhof cartridge this lenght is ca. .827"

Going to be away for the weekend when I get back I will post a picture of a fired case. Thank you for the replies.

The cases vary some in AOL. This rifle hasn’t been shot in 50 years and all loading data and info has been lost/misplaced