"RM/C" marking on British 1943 40x311R Bofors case

Who used the maker’s mark “RM/C” on 40x311R Bofors cases made in the UK? I would be grateful if anyone has the answer, as information on maker’s marks for anything over .50 BMG is scant.

Robert Mitchell & Co., Canada. Again I have no further address.


Thanks Tony, I have also found some information on Robert Mitchell and Co. They were located at St. Laurent, Quebec.

This is an extract from the information on the site:
The company was the first producer of magnesium castings on the North American Continent and during the second World War was the largest producer of brass cartridge cases for artillery use in Canada.


You wouldn’t happen to have any information on the marking “CL/C” would you? I have that on a 75x350R case that I believe is Canadian.

CL/C is the Canadian Motor Lamp Company.


Thanks again Tony, according to an online search the Canadian Motor Lamp Co. was located in Windsor, Ontario.