Roberson Cartridge Co brass


Just had an email with Jeff Roberson of RCC brass. They use CNC lathes and mills to manufacture brass cartridges and specialize in obsolete, vintage, hard to find and wildcat calibers, plus custom head stamps. They replicate head stamps similar to the original manufactures and also put their company logo on them (not making exact replicas), but everything else is like they were manufactured aside from being lathe-turned instead of drawn brass. He said a lot of the original cartridge specs are difficult to find, but that they have approximately 2,000 different drawings and are always looking for more information. He said they are also glad to share their information with others too.

(806) 329-3130


DK - Do you have an information about cost, minimum number
of pieces of each caliber, etc., for their regular line of cartridges
(not custom, wildcat, etc.)?

They have a large assortment of cartridge cases in almost anybody’s
collecting line, but while they give price and ordering requirements for
special stuff, they don’t mention anything but a single piece price for
their normal line. I am talking about calibers from their list and with
their on R.C.C. headstamp. If you can buy singles, any collector who
wants this modern stuff could have a field day, but if they have a 20
piece minimum per caliber, and a setup fee for each caliber, few of us
could afford to buy an meaningful amount of the calibers offered in his

John Moss


I don’t know any specifics, but I assume that if they have any loose extra brass cases that they would be willing to sell singles to collectors. I would try their email or phone number and ask the head guy - Jeff.


A few years back I got some repros of the types of rounds that I would never be able to afford from But I see they are going out of business so maybe a few of the impossible to afford rounds can be gotten from this group before they quit the business.


Hi All,

I’m Jeff with Roberson Cartridge Company (RCC) and we specialize in manufacturing obsolete, vintage, hard to find and wildcat cartridges. Replicate the head stamp, not duplicate, and we are always seeking information and will share the information we have with you. We use CNC lathes and mills to make cases so we can make any caliber, up to 8" in diameter, for you. Please visit our website and let us know how we can help you.



Jeff - from you normal line (not a custom order), do you sell single specimens to collectors? You have quite a few calibers on your list, for example, that I would like to acquire with your headstamp. I collect all calibers/case types of ammunition for Semi-automatic pistols. Obviously, most collectors could not afford the set-up charge for each of 15 or 20 case types they would like to have.

John Moss


Hi John,

We normally make a few extra pieces when we do runs. Right now I’ve got some extra 9mm Mauser in the semi-auto if your interested. We normally manufacture to order with a 20 piece minimum and if you want to send me a wish list then I can cross reference when we get orders. There’s no setup fee unless we do wildcat or custom head stamps.



within the next week, I sill put together a list. Any that would constitute a custom order for you, simply ignore.

Thank you for your quick reply.

John Moss