Robert L. Harvey? Also free stuff

In the process of cleaning up my junk room, I ran across the January 8, 1986 issue of The Antique Trader Weekly. In it is a short but comprehensive article by Robert L. Harvey about the history of the .30-'06 and its identification. It has some photos and 80 headstamp drawings and descriptions. I thought if RLH is a member here, I would send him the article if he wants it, otherwise it goes into the recycle bin next week.

By the way, I also found a number of various ammunition advertising information items (Federal, Winchester, Remington, S&B, PMC, Hansen, Eley, GOEX, Maionchi, Fiocci, Norma) and some dealer price lists I picked up at the 1991 NRA annual meeting and the 1984 SHOT Show (some are sort of unusual, like USAC and Glaser) that will probably meet the same fate. For the price of a priority mail envelope, I will send them to anyone who wants them. First response gets them.

I would love to Have it where are you located?
Zac W

That sure didn’t take long.