Roberto Repetto

It is with great sadness that I have to report that Roberto Repetto passed away today.

He was a life member of the Argentine cartridge collectors club and a close friend for more than 20 years. Many of you meet him in recent years when he finally fullfilled his dream to attend several cartridge shows in Europe and the US.

Hasta siempre Rober!


Fede - I am saddened to hear this. So many friends leaving us. Is there is a picture of Roberto that you could send to me. I have probably met him, but I don’t place the name, although I feel a kinship to all of our Argentine Friends. How old was Roberto?

R.I.P. Roberto. My condolences to family and friends, and to the AACAM.

John Moss

Descansa en Paz Roberto. 😔

John here is a picture of him in St. Louis.

Hasta siempre viejito!


R.I.P. Roberto!

Truly sad news indeed. At SLICS the Argentine group are always great fun. Condolences to his family and friends. R.I.P.

Fede - I am almost sorry I asked for the picture. How stupid of me not to recognize his name, as I most certainly recognize his picture as one of the many friends from the Argentine that I met more than once at SLICS. In fact, I seem to recall that we went to “Sugarfire” with some of them - my son, Peter and Caroline Cobb, and myself - with some of them. We may have been there when this picture was taken, I simply don’t recall. I so recall a bunch of us sitting at a long able close to the front door of the restaurant.

Great times. Roberto will be missed, rest his soul.


It was very sad news. Roberto was a good friend, he was a good person, and he was a generous person. We will always remind you when we get together.

Amigo Roberto, Descansa en paz.
Ha sido un honor conocerte y tener tu amistad.
Siempre te recordaré.

I have the honor to be Roberto’s friend for almost 25 years, he was a true gentelman and a loyal friend, it was a great loss for the AACAM.
Rest in peace my friend.
Viejo gruñon te voy a extrañar !!!
Javier Ramallo, V.P. AACAM.

Glad for the photo of him, he was indeed a gentleman & a very nice guy.

My sincere condolences to his family & friends.

Un placer haberte conocido Roberto.
Y un gran abrazo a la familia de Roberto y a todos nuestros amigos argentinos.
Descansa en paz.


Thank you for the photo. Roberto was a real gentleman and a serious collector. I remember him well from the European & US meetings as well as from the trip Chris and I took to Argentina. Our community has suffered a real loss.

Rest in Peace my friend!


EXTREME Condolences


What a sad news, we will miss you.

Hasta siempre querido amigo Roberto

Yes john, that picture was taken that day.
Here is another one.


Sergio - than you so much for that picture. I had not seen it before. What a wonderful day that was. I am not sure what I ever did in my life to be so honored as to have the friends that are sitting at that table. I am somewhat ashamed that I did not initially recognize Roberto Repetto by name when the notice of his demise was first posted here. Write it off to old age, please. You can see he was friend!

Ciao, amigo mio!


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I would like to add Caroline’s
and my name under John’s last post. He has said all that we could have.
Sincere condolences to Roberto’s family and friends.

Peter Cobb.

Caroline and Peter are in the Restaurant Picture, as are my Son and His wife. Maybe the best trip I ever took in my life, aside only from trips to Europe with my wife, and later, my wife and my father-in-law. At least we are left with wonderful memories.


D.E.P. amigo mio. Mis condolencias para todos sus familiares y amigos.
R.I.P. my friend. My condolences to his family and friends