Robijn All Plastic Shotshell

Hans Muller provided a nice picture of a Robijn box top in Journal Issue 456, page 31. I would guess this is the red version that may have been found in that box.

The dates of manufacture are suggested to be 1955 to 1960, or so. It would seem they had a plastic material that holds up pretty well to time as is shows no signs of cracking even at the roll crimped mouth. Were these made after 1960?

How is the overshot wad to be read? The continuous letters have me guessing…(Don’t usually pick up European shotshells).

Any other information all you shotshell collectors out there may have on this one would be appreciated.


Nika = Nederlandse Industrie voor Kunstof Ammunitie


Thank you for that information.


This old ad is dated 1951

These Robijn shells can be found in 12, 16 and 20 ga
Most of them are of a red colour like the ones showed.
But there are some very rare green and yellow ones that can be found.

Regards rené

Gyrojet and Rene,

Thank you both for the additional information and Gyrojet for the pics of all those varieties.