Robin Hood Arms 8mm Lebel made at Swanton, Vermont

I was just watching a video about Vermont history. It made mention of a company named International Explosives Co. in Swanton, Vermont that had large orders “from the French government for Lebel rifle ammunition” during WWI. Is this the same company known as “Robin Hood”? Did they actually make 8mm Lebel for the French during WWI? What was the headstamp? Not really my area of collecting, but since I live in Vermont, it seems worth learning more about!


I believe these are the rounds here: … =113524047

Awesome! Thanks.


I will make a plea here and if I am out of line, please forgive me. It is not my intention to demean or insult anyone.

It is great when people go to the trouble to find answers on other websites, and link them on this Forum so others can look at them with a maximum of convenience. It IS appreciated, and by me as well.

However, information on the web comes and goes, especially on auction sites. I do a lot of research on the web, and often come across a link that is when I punch it in, it is not longer valid for one reason or another.

My plea is that when you do reference the sites, and please guys, continue to do so - it is a good thing - please also give at least a synopsis of the information on the Forum at the same time, in case the other information is gone (again, very likely for auction sites in the case of those who can’t check out the Forum every day). It keeps the Forum thread informative of itself.

I will note here that the cartridges in question were made by Robin Hood Arms on contract for the French in 1917, just to make this thread stand alone.

Again, thanks for posting a link. I hope it is clear that my contention is not over posting it, but simply in not giving a summary of the information here.

I thank everyone for their consideration regarding this issue.