Robin Hood powder can

Hello all,

New to this forum so hello! Northern Michigan here.

Didn’t know if there was any interest or if this had any value BUT it’s fairly rare I see anything of Robin Hood ammunition that is worth a second glance. I happened to be perusing (of all things…) eBay today and ran across this powder tin. Hoping it helps someone here out, tin looks extremely nice.


The Tin dates from Dec.1906/1907 period. Robin Hood Ammunition Co.

Just a note here: Personally, I hate it when ebayers put words in the title that have nothing to do with the item in question:
No amunition, no shell box, no Peters, Dupont, or Western mentioned anywhere on the can that I could see…
… what am I missing, greed or stupidity?

It’s a marketing strategy, hoping that someone interested in the other terms might find this specific item appealing.
Sort of like car shows with scantily clad women draped over the vehicles. Guys will stop to ogle the gals, and eventually look at the cars too.
Some entry level ammo collectors may not know anything about Robin Hood and just search for some of the names they are familiar with, and be very happy to discover something they must have but never realized. Of course for guys looking for a very specific item, having all the extra terms thrown in results in searches with many more results and more work to sift through.

Yea, like blatant false advertising!
When I list something for sale- anywhere- I make the title as simple and concise as I can, specific to the itemm itself.

Yes it’s as JohnS says Badger. That’s why I rarely go to eBay. On the other hand “caveat emptor”. People will do whatever to make a buck now days and using those extra terms is actually encouraged as when sellers sell more, eBay or whomever makes more in commissions…


What, do they have cars also on carshows??? I’ve only seen nice women…

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