Rocket Motor Casing xm110

Hi I found a rocket motor casing at a yard sale today. Cant find any info on it so I thought Id ask you all. The casing appears to be brass and says “ EXPLOSIVE ROCKET MOTOR XM110”. Its missing the head part and there are wire coming out of the bottom. Cant figure out how to post pics but maybe this is enough info for someone to ID. Wondering if its ok to sell on ebay?
Arcata, Calif

Hi Dylan,

It’s the rocket motor section of the missile used in the FIM-43 Redeye.



Any idea what it might be worth and if its legal to sell online?

Ebay is somewhat unpredictable as to what they will allow and what gets censored. You may do better on which has a lot of ordnance stuff.
Value is whatever someone will pay for it. If it were mine, I would hope to get maybe $100 for it, but air launched munitions have much less demand than gun type ordnance items in my experience, so it may not be a quick seller. Especially since it is the motor body only with no warhead (inert, of course!) and the body is badly discolored from the motor burnout.