Rogovtseva Cartridge

I was looking at a Russian gun website that had a section about reloading. There was a discussion about reloading the 8,2x66 Russian hunting cartridge and if bullets were available. I don’t read Russian and rely on a translator program. There was a mention and picture of this Rogovtsevym (sic) cartridge. Does anyone have any information about this? I got the impression (mistaken or otherwise) that maybe Rogovtseva was a predecessor or contemporary of Кочетовым, the gentleman credited with developing the 8,2x66. May this be a precursor or possibly a contemporary of the 8,2x66?

Here is what I have in my database on this cartridge but I don’t think it helps answer your question:

**********************8.2x66R Russian (SV9)
Russia produced two sporting calibres based on a unique semi-rimmed (non military) case design with a 13.15mm base, 12.35mm groove and 14.3mm rim. This case appears originally to have been derived from the 7.62x54R Mosin-Nagant case using the same rim dimension and the base of the 7.62x54R is the same as the groove on the 8.2x66R. However, the base on these “KO” types has been enlarged to 13.15mm. This would allow Mosin-Nagant Rifles to be re-chambered for this larger diameter case and obviously allow a greater powder charge for a given case length producing higher performance.

The 8.2x66R is the earlier and commoner of the two KO calibres (see also the 9x64 SV10) and was intended for use in the bolt action KO-8.2 Hunting Carbine (which was a converted military rifle). Note : K = Karabin (Carbine) and O = Ochotnicij (

The name is spelled correctly as “Rogovtsev”.
This is a 4.2-line Berdan (10.67x57R) necked down to 3.15-line (8mm) which is some sort of predecessor of the 3-line (7.62x54R) cartridge M1891 (which was developed by Nagant).

The cartridge is mentioned and shown in one of George A. Hoyem’s books.

That is fascinating. Was it black powder or smokeless? Is this photo from Hoyem? Which Hoyem book is it in? I have Vol. 3.

It is Vol. 2

I think it’s important to clarify that the picture of the cartridge shown in this topic is not an 8.2x66R. It is a copy of the image CFR179(f) in Hoyem vol2 which is a 8.2x57R.

The 8mm Reduction of the 10.6x57R Berdan has a 57mm case length but the 8.2x66 has a 66mm case length. The head size is the same but the rim is also different.

It is an interesting cartridge nonetheless but is likely to have been produced much earlier than the 8.2x66R.

Does it say anything about whether the 8.2x57R was smokeless powder or black or black powder initially and smokeless later? Did they make it for any period of time or was it just experimental?

Hoyem Vol 2 states only:

"Necked down Berdan No. 2 cartridge case loaded with a round nosed, full jacketed bullet. Typical Russian arsenal h.s. This is an early Russian experiment with calibre reduction, to 8mm. "

Not much help …

Thank you. FMJ bullet, experimental…, I think very helpful.